Using public transport is a cheap and environmentally friendly way of getting around. While you are at no more risk on buses or trains than anywhere else it still helps to keep safety in mind. Here are a few tips you should think of while travelling on public transport in order to keep the risk of danger at a minimum.

  • Use Stops you Know – You are more likely to notice something suspicious when in a place you know well. Try to catch the bus from the same stop every time; it’ll probably be the one nearest your house, you might even get to know people there who can help if a problem arises. Using the same stop will also help you know what time to expect the bus so you won’t miss it!
  • Stay in Well Lit Areas – If catching the bus or train at night make sure you stay near a street light or in a waiting area at the station. It also helps to stay in a group of other travellers while waiting as this reduces the risk of you being singled out as a target. This also applies when on board, especially if you are on an unfamiliar bus or train, where you should try and find a carriage or part of the bus that has other people around. If there isn’t a part of the bus with other people sit near the driver, or, if on a train, sit in the front carriage.
  • Don’t Keep your Valuables Visible – While on a long journey a lot of people like to listen to the radio, an mp3 player or even watch a DVD. While these appliances provide much needed entertainment while travelling they provide easily visible targets. Instead of using the patented headphones provided with popular mp3 players it might help to use some generic headphones as these will not display to criminals the type of device you have. Make sure you keep all your valuables where you know where they are at all times and in zipped pockets or in a bag so they cannot be taken without your knowing.
  • Have Someone Meet You – If you are visiting someone who lives in a different part of the country then ask them to meet you at the bus stop or train station. Even better than this is travelling in a group of friends who you can stay with at all times.
  • Get out of Uncomfortable Situations – If, at any time, you feel uncomfortable whilst travelling try and find a way of getting out as soon as possible. If on the train or tube get off at the next station and catch a different train or, if in a taxi, ask to be dropped off in a well lit spot with other people. By following the above tips your chances of getting into uncomfortable situations are greatly reduced but each situation is different. Remember to stay aware of your surroundings and trust your gut feeling to ensure an enjoyable and safe journey.