Passing your driving test can be extremely liberating, especially if you live in a rural area and have had to rely on public transport in the past; however there are several important things to consider once you have got your full licence.


All drivers should be insured; this can be very costly, especially for new drivers who are offered less favourable rates. Cars also need regular services and must pass an MOT every year; new cars have MOT certificates lasting 3 years. You should check the general state of your car regularly; be aware that problems can be costly.

New drivers

While most new drivers are very cautious to begin with, there are some who drive carelessly; the penalties associated with dangerous driving can be very severe for new drivers and you may find that if you are caught by the police, you lose your licence; if this is the case you will have to wait for a period of time before applying for another test; you will be expected to complete both the theory and practical tests again. You may also receive points on your license; serious misdemeanours may result in a lifelong ban.

Parental concern

Many parents are naturally concerned when their children first pass their tests; if you have just passed your test take care to drive as carefully as possible; you will not possess the experience and road sense of other road users and it may take you longer to react to certain situations, so stick to the speed limits and avoid driving in adverse weather conditions such as high winds, snow, ice and thick fog; this will help to reduce the possibility of being involved in an accident and help to ease your parent’s worries.